How To: Save an iPhoto Slideshow as a QuickTime Movie

How To: Save an iPhoto Slideshow as a QuickTime Movie

Want to share the slideshow you’ve created in iPhoto with others? Here’s the easy way to export your slideshow so it can be viewed online, on a DVD, or from a removable drive.

After creating your slideshow, follow these easy steps:

1) If you’re not already in iPhoto, launch it, and select the slideshow you want to create your movie from.

2) In the “File” menu, select “Export”, and then select “Slideshow” from the options along the tip of the Export dialog. Or, you can also click the “Export” button in the lower middle part of the screen. You’ll see a panel slide down with some devices (iPod, iPad, iPhone, etc.) listed at the top,  and four sizes (Mobile, Medium, Large, and Display) listed on the left. wherever a dot appears in a column, that movie size will play on that device.

3) Click all the checkboxes for all of sizes you want, as you can export more than one size video at a time. If you want the slideshow automatically added to iTunes, make sure to click the “Automatically Send Slideshow to iTunes” checkbox.

4) You can also click “Custom Export” if you want, so you can dicker with the export settings so you can create a QuickTime file exactly as you want it. But usually, you can just click “Export” and then choose where you want to save the file.

5) Click “OK” and iPhoto will start creating the slideshow. When it’s finished, you can find the movie file the export created in the location you selected to save it in. Or, if you clicked “Automatically Send Slideshow to iTunes” in the Export dialog, iTunes will automatically open and begin playing the movie.

Wow, wasn’t that tough?