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iOS is Still A Main Priority for Developers

iOS is Still A Main Priority for Developers

Mobile ecosystems analysts VisionMobile has released its fourth Developer Economics report. The 2013 report looked at developer opinions in order to chart which platforms have the highest mindshare among developers, as well as which platforms make the most money for developers.


Cult of Mac:

As will be completely unsurprising to those reading this site, iOS leads the platform mindshare among developers, with 48 percent of them reporting it as their lead platform. Android and BlackBerry are next, with many developers reporting them as a main development target. Windows Phone and HTML are seen by those surveyed as platforms to extend app distribution, and not as a primary target for development.

As far as total developers go, however, Android takes the lead, with a whopping 72% of all developers making apps for the platform. That is a 4% increase over last year, almost matching exactly the 5% drop for iOS.

The report also finds that developers who do not create apps for Android or iOS generate an average of half the revenue of those that do. Advertising is a popular way to generate that revenue, as 38% of the developers surveyed use advertising as their primary business model.

The mindshare for tablets is quite large, as an 86% majority of developers report they are developing for tablets. 76% of those devs say the iPad is the best monetization and development platform. Only 6% even have Smart TV as being on their radar.