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Review: Just Mobile HeadStand – An Elegant Aluminum Desk Stand For Your Headphones

Review: Just Mobile HeadStand – An Elegant Aluminum Desk Stand For Your Headphones

A great pair of studio headphones is an essential item for anyone who truly appreciates quality audio, and they make a great compliment to any Mac or iOS device – but for those who use their headphones at a desk or workstation (like me), finding an elegant way to stash your headphones when you aren’t using them can be a challenge. Thankfully, if you find yourself in my situation, Just Mobile has the perfect answer – the HeadStand ($50, link).



The HeadStand is a unique product for storing your headphones – a gorgeous precision-milled aluminum stand to rest your precious headphones on. Although the concept behind HeadStand is very simple, I found myself surprised and just how indispensable this gorgeous little stand has become. It has earned itself a permanent spot on my desk.


Just Mobile’s HeadStand is carefully crafter from polished, anodized aluminum, and as such looks perfectly natural next to an iMac, MacBook, or most other Apple products. It looks like the sort of thing Jony Ive himself likely uses to hang up his headphones! Placed on the headstand, your headphones are gracefully and elegantly suspended in the air, becoming more a piece of art than the desk clutter form they usually take.


The stand comes packaged in a very slim, minimal box, and must be assembled before use. Fortunately. the assembly only involves four screws, and takes less than 5 minutes. The reduction in packaging bulk is well worth the “some assembly required” nature of the HeadStand, in my opinion.


The height of the HeadStand is absolutely perfect, and accommodates pretty much any pair of studio headphones under the sun – I tested it with a half-dozen or so pairs of studio headphones that I happen to be hoarding in my office, and each pair hung gracefully from the HeadStand. The stand gracefully accommodates and highlights the design of your headphones as well – a great way to display them to visitors in your home or office.



When considering the value of something like the HeadStand, many things come to mind. Does anyone really need something like the HeadStand? At $50, is it something that an ordinary, rational person would actually buy? To me, the answer to either of these questions is the same: If you value your headphones, and like to keep your desk looking clean and elegant, the HeadStand is pretty much a must have. I’ve been using mine for two weeks, and considering it among the most indispensable things in my entire office.


As far as the price, $50 seems like a lot for a headphone stand – but keep in mind that this isn’t some cheap plastic. It’s gorgeous, elegantly crafted aluminum that’s engineered to look fantastic on your desk. It’s durable, it’s high-quality, and it offers your headphones an unmatched level of luxury. If you own a $150+ pair of headphones, you owe them the respect of resting them on something like the HeadStand.


I love the headstand – and while I admittedly did not pay for my review unit, I would gladly fork over $50 for something as elegant, useful, and artfully designed as the HeadStand. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to treat their expensive headphones with the respect they deserve.


For more information, or to purchase the HeadStand, check out Just Mobile’s website. The HeadStand is also available with free shipping from Amazon.com.


  • The perfect height to store and display any pair of studio headphones
  • Matches and compliments most Apple products
  • Keeps headphones and their cords out of your way when you aren’t using them


  • $50 price tag seems steep for a headphone stand (although the HeadStand is precision-milled from aluminum)..

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