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Windows 8 Evaluated In Awesome Animation: Worst Operating System Ever?

Windows 8 Evaluated In Awesome Animation: Worst Operating System Ever?

Personally, I do think Windows 8 is the worst operating system ever, even worse than Vista. However this 23 minute animation by Brian Boyko (via Cult of Mac) sums up exactly why and it’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen about Windows.

Some excellent points are made, and it really is worth a watch. I’d love to hear the reaction of Windows 8 users on this, especially desktop users. It was an absolute nightmare for me when I tried out Windows 8 on a desktop. Is it any better on a tablet?

  1. Justin says:

    It really is that bad, possibly worse!

    I challenge someone to open a PDF attachment in an email and then print it! Then put up with the 3-4 operations required to get back to your email.

    Utter, utter, utter crap!

    Also, installing Office 2010 you’d expect decent tiles for the apps in Metro, nope they are square blocks with the program information shoe-horned in and even worse all the crap that comes with office just appears on the metro screen, so you need to remove all those to keep things tidy.

    I’ll stick to OSX on my Mac

  2. Pete says:

    This is a really naive review of Windows 8. I’m a Mac user and Windows user and Windows 8 is on par with 7. Yes there’s new input techniques and interfaces but that’s what you get in new versions of products. Windows actually takes you through a brief walkthrough of the new features and how to use the charms bar and start menu (which works a lot like spotlight).

    Sorry but that video is very poor and is what I would expect from someone that has never used windows before.

    1. d_n says:

      Windows 8 is on par with 7

      That must be why it’s had such a positive reception and skyrocketing sales…

      Sorry but that video is very poor and is what I would expect from someone that has never used windows before.

      I’ve used Windows all my life and I had Windows 8 installed for a week, yet it still baffled me, and my productivity dropped by ten-fold.

    2. aliendemigod says:

      The review was not naive The guy clearly stated he has been using microsoft since dos and so have I. This review is spot on and if you think different that you’re just some windows 8 fanboy or just plain ignorant. This os is worthless period. now shut your mouth.

  3. MRonin says:

    This mirrors most of the sentiments I’ve been hearing regarding Windows 8. All of people I know and talk to personally who have used Windows 8 are zealous MS folks who live and breath Redmond air and even they are saying that Windows 8 is or is almost as bad as people are saying. I’ve got no interest in seeing MS fail, their half assed busted junkware helps keep me employed and I’d be significantly more broke than I am now if it weren’t for MS and its products. So while I’m happy to see that trend continue, what I’m not happy with is that MS is STILL barreling head long toward irrelevance along with RIM. It’s sad to see because despite not having any love for MS or Windows, I do like competition in the computing/IT space and like it or not MS is still deeply entrenched in that market space and being there gives Apple and everyone else reason to continue to innovate and knock them down a few more notches.

    Yes iOS and Android will help that process along. However at the end of the day IF the Business Insider predictions come true, then they will come true due solely to MS own myopic business model and piss poor decision making.

  4. Kamal Ahmad says:

    I tryed windows 8 on Sve 15118 and Liked it. Surely their metro look will take time to get used to with. Their store is new and lacks apps, It will be better later onwards.. I think it was time that Microsoft brought something new to the table.

  5. shiny says:

    This guy’s shrill “can you BELIEVE THIS SHIT?? tone throughout just grated until i had to turn it off. It became like a toll you had to pay to hear him talk about himself in order to learn something about the issues. He even says “I’m Not dumb. and If I can’t figure this out….”. GMAB. I get it, it’s BAD. Liked the graphics though (what I saw).

  6. Mac Hater says:

    Mac users are Gay..

  7. Shamim says:

    Windows 8 is the “Worstest” OS ever. It hangs, its slow and i have serious doubt with its stability as 3 of my office laptop using Windows 8 had crashed several times and needed to re-install.

    In previous versions of windows, I could use the task manager to kill a not responding task. Here, it tasks minutes to start the task manager. I hate it the most.

    I started writing this while my windows was trying to open the task manager to kill a task that stopped working and wont let me operate the window. Finally I had to force turn of the laptop. And after installing windows 8, I had to do this regularly.

  8. Mike says:

    i have used windows ever since 95 came out, and i am here to tell you that windows 8 is the worst system they have e come out with. its on par with windows me, as in crashes, blue screens frequently, and the customer service support is brain dead. the interface is useless, cumbersome, impossible to use. i paid for a C-O-M-P-U-T-E-R. NOT an over grown cell phone, and windows 8 is overly reliant on the internet. none of the support or help packages are based in the OS. you have to download them from the microsoft site, which takes forever. almost no programs work with it, the terminology that they use by the way is misleading and ridiculous. this is the last product i will ever buy from microsoft, and any OEM that wants to force me to use it when i buy a new system can stick that notion up their a**. im done with microsoft, linux, here i come! at least you’re free and you actually work!!!!!

  9. aliendemigod says:

    dude spot on. worst os ever.

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