Apple Analysts: An Unfortunate Rumor Mill Love Story

Apple Analysts: An Unfortunate Rumor Mill Love Story

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, but this is a very depressing love story I’m going to tell you about. It’s about so called ‘analysts’. Those who both use and create the Apple rumor mill. Why are they allowed to be called ‘analysts’? What do they actually analyse? The fact is, that most of them are merely ‘guessers’ and their opinion is no more valuable than yours.


Today we had Gene Muster saying that sometime in the next two months AppleĀ might announceĀ something. I’m sorry, who pays millions of dollars to these guys for that type of crap? In the next few billion years, the world might end. Can I have my million?

OK, so there’s that approach. Make it as vague as humanly possible, so that you’re pretty much guaranteed to be ‘right’, even though anyone can say it.

Or, you can just constantly make bad predictions and continue to do so. I’d like to show you the track record of a certain Peter Misek. He is supposedly an expert analyst from Jefferies. From constant failed guesses as to when (or if) the Apple TV is going to be announced to an iPad 2 HD, the majority of his guesses have been wrong. Yet people still listen to him. *Facepalm*

Everyone can be an analyst, and there is absolutely no reason why we should listen to any so called ‘analyst’, because they will most likely be wrong. It’s not analysis. it’s guessing. Anyone can do it.

I would like to point out the exception is Ming-Chi Kuo (and possibly a few others), who does have a very good track record, which suggests that he does slightly more than guesswork.

Why such a thing as an Apple ‘analyst’ even exists will always be beyond me. It’s a guessing game, and one that most people seem to lose at.