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Google Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iTunes Layout

Google Shamelessly Rips Off Apple’s iTunes Layout

Google has been accused a copying Apple a number of times, and in a variety of ways (particularly with their Android platform) – and now there’s one more to add to the list. Ariel Isaac posted the following images on Twitter today (via The Loop) showing some suspicious similarities in the design of Google’s new Image Search layout, and Apple’s iTunes album layout.

itunes_cover google_image_search

You can click the above images to expand them, I’ll let you make the judgement for yourself – but there does seem to be an uncanny sort of similarity. Yikes.


  1. Neil, Nottingham says:

    They got away with copying apple with their smartphones so they are just copying everything now. Even their adverts have a distinct apple feel about them.

  2. Nate Ferrero says:

    Actually not seeing the similarity here, just the concept. But there’s a lot of differences as well.

  3. Aidan says:

    So, how many others have the same design? To be honest they look nothing alike.

    Also what happened about Apple copying that clock? hmm.

  4. Isaac Dean says:

    90% (not a factual percentage) of all web navigation bars use that design. It was bound to start appearing elsewhere.

  5. wywwwnet says:

    The triangle indicator is a giveaway to the copying.

  6. S.K says:

    All these Apple bum-boys always think that when something looks similar to an Apple product or feature, it’s instantly copying. Similar designs are used in so many places, like Isaac said…just ugh.

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