Google Shows Off Google Glass UI, #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign

Google Shows Off Google Glass UI, #ifihadglass Purchase Campaign

Google has given us another peek behind the curtain at Google Glass, as they’ve released a new video showing the Google Glass user interface in real world situations, such as flying a plane, and swinging on a trapeze, that’s right, stuff we all do every day!



Get ready for even more Glasshole sightings, Google is ready to hand out Google Glass units to non-developer types. But you have to apply. And still pay the Glass Explorer Edition’s $1,500 price tag. But Google Glass!

All you have to do is get on Twitter or Google+ and in 50 words or less, using the hashtag “#ifihadglass,” tell Google how you would use Google Glass. You can also include photos and videos. You have until February 27th to “enter.”

The UI looks pretty low-key, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to get in your way. It’s not exactly what Tony Stark sees when he has a certain iron-clad suit on, but it’s still pretty cool.

You interact with Google Glass in a single pane in the top right. It looks like everything happens in that space. Google searches, notifications, etc. all seem to go in that space.

Google has yet to announce when Google Glass will be released to the admittedly well-heeled masses. It’s slowly rolling-out units to those than can help stomp bugs, and help the development process. It’s going to be awhile before anyone in the general public will get their hot little hands on these.

Until then, enjoy the new video below.