How to View Mac App Store Listings On iOS

How to View Mac App Store Listings On iOS

One of the frustrating aspects of iOS is the inability to view Mac App Store links, or preview Mac apps offered through Apple’s official store. Although it is understandable to some degree (since you can only purchase Mac App Store apps from a Mac), the limitation can be frustrating at times if someone sends you a link, requiring you to boot up your Mac just to preview an app.

Desktop Apps iOS

A unique iOS app called Desktop Apps challenges that limitation, allowing you to browse the Mac App Store and view Mac App Store links on an iPhone or iPad. The app allows you to view apps in all Mac App Store categories, search for apps, and share app links via social media and email. It also allows you to select and copy text from Mac App Store descriptions, although it falls short of allowing you to view app ratings, or the developer’s website.

Despite the limitations, Desktop Apps is a useful solution for viewing Mac App Store apps on your iOS device, and is available now as a free download from the App Store.

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