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Indiegogo Project: The Dock Minimal – A Simple, Easy to Use Dock/Stand

Indiegogo Project: The Dock Minimal – A Simple, Easy to Use Dock/Stand

Yes, I am really into docks and stands lately, but here’s another Indiegogo project you might want to take a look at. The Dock Minimal is a simple, easy to use dock/stand that can be used with almost any popular tablet on the market today.

dock-minimal_1It currently supports iPadĀ®, iPad Mini, Kindle, Samsung and Nexus tablets/e-book readers, and they are testing others as I type. You just swap in the connector you need for your device, and then charge it using your regular charging/syncing cable. (Great for iPhone 5 and late-model iPad users who have trouble finding dock stands because of Apple’s pesky Lightning adapter approval process.)

The Dock Minimal is a colorful dock/stand that allows you to view your tablet at more than 20 different viewing angles. The company sent me one to try out, and I’ve got to tell you, it’s easy to use, and I love the simplicity.

It comes in four colors, Arctic White, Black Onyx, Lava Red and Glacial Blue. I tried out the Black Onyx.

The dock comes with a kickstand, yes, just like your bicycle, but it’s much more versatile. Using the kickstand, I was able to view my iPad in portrait or landscape mode, and position it in various working and viewing angles.

One neat feature I loved, inside of the kickstand is a touch-screen stylus for those of you who enjoy using a stylus instead of your fingers. (You know who you are.)

Each Dock Minimal Will Come With:

  • 1 main dock
  • 1 kickstand
  • 1 touch-screen stylus pen
  • 3 side fittings
  • 4 connector fittings

This is a great little idea, and I hope it comes to fruition for these guys. Unfortunately, the project is WAY short of their goal, and they only have 18 days left as of the writing of this post. Pledges start at $25 in order to receive a Dock minimal when full-blown production begins, along with other various funding levels that offer all sorts of different benefits to the contributor.

Check out the Dock Minimal Indiegogo website for yourself, and see if the Dock Minimal is for you. Check out the video below for more information, or visit their website.