iPhone Survives 2000 Foot Drop Without Special Case

iPhone Survives 2000 Foot Drop Without Special Case

You feel sorry for iPhones with everything people put them through, from stress tests to real world incidents, but this one is pretty amazing. Paraglider Chris Santacroce’s iPhone dropped 2000 feet to the ground, and survived without broken glass or any dings, KSL reports. What’s more, this wasn’t some publicity stunt for a certain iPhone case company. It was real world usage.

Once Santacroce realised he no longer had his iPhone, he used Find My iPhone to find out where it was, before going to search for it and eventually recovering it unscathed.

“Worked like the day I bought it,” Santacroce said afterwards.

It really shows how durable the iPhone is. Considering it’s so light, it’s quite a feat of engineering from Apple, and it’s often overlooked.

Click here for higher quality version of the video.

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