EA’s Origin Digital Games Distribution Service Hits The Mac

EA’s Origin Digital Games Distribution Service Hits The Mac

Origin has hit the Mac, and here’s to hoping that it works better than the Windows version. Previously released in a private Alpha, it is now available for all to download. EA’s version of Steam still has a very limited catalogue for OS X, with only 33 games available, most of them versions of the Sims. However it’s start, and I’m sure more will be added in the future.

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Other titles available now include The Sims 3Dragon Age 2Batman: Arkham City, and LEGO Harry Potter, the last two being also available on the Mac App Store.

EA Origin Vice President of Production Mike Blank (via Apple Insider):

Origin is going to allow us to get games into the hands of our consumers as quickly as we can, to enable our gamers to connect with their friends and to enjoy their gaming experience as quickly and directly as possible.

Part of the goal of Origin is to provide real value to our gamers. With key titles from The Sims franchise and its expansion packs, if you download it once, you can download it again across both platforms.

Around 40 percent, maybe, about 17 million users have entered into Origin for the first time on iOS. Wherever they’re entering from, though, they’re creating an Origin ID that will work across platforms.

Blank continued, highlighting the Mac’s increasing market share and stating that with more Macs and iDevices, more people were going to want to play games on them. Origin is the ‘first step.

Origin is free and available to download now from the official website. 10.6.8 is needed.