Reseller Says Apple Will Release New Mac Pro in Spring 2013

Reseller Says Apple Will Release New Mac Pro in Spring 2013

French Apple reseller France Systems sent a newsletter out to its customers noting that Apple will be halting sales of the Mac Pro on March 1, due to new EU regulatory requirements. But the newsletter also contained a ray of sunshine for Mac Pro fans, it also said that a new Mac Pro will be arriving in the Spring.



As noted by both Mac4Ever and MacGeneration, the reseller also reports in that newsletter that they have heard from Apple that a new Mac Pro will be arriving in Spring of 2013.

Translation: “However, we believe that the judgment of the Mac Pro is temporary, Apple informs us that new Mac Pro will be released in spring 2013.”

Apple usually doesn’t leak information such as this to anyone, yet they have been quite open that a new Mac Pro is on the way. Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed in June that Apple was working on a new Mac Pro.

(UPDATE 02/06/2013)

Our foreign correspondent, Henry Taylor-Gill was kind enough to translate the message in the screenshot above. It reads as follows:

From March 1st 2013, Apple will no longer sell the Mac Pro in EU countries: they no longer meet the demands of amendment 1 of the regulation ES 60950-1 secon edition that will be applicable from March 1st 2013. Apple will take the last Mac Pro orders, standard or customized, until February 18th to guarantee a delivery of the Mac Pro before March 1st.

We think however that the stop in Mac Pro sales is temporary, Apple informs us that a new version of the Mac Pro will come out in Spring 2013. We will make sure we will selling these products the moment they become available.

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    Maybe, maybe not. Personally with the pro and enterprise markets being a foot note in their over all strategy, I wont believe that they are actually ponying up with a new Mac Pro until I see the unveiling myself. I hope it comes through I really do, just not holding my breath for it.

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