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  • Review: Interview Recorder – A Great Job Interview Recording App for iOS

Review: Interview Recorder – A Great Job Interview Recording App for iOS

Review: Interview Recorder – A Great Job Interview Recording App for iOS

I would imagine conducting interviews could be a long and grueling process. With so many candidates and job openings to go over, it can take a while to sort through a great deal of interviews and resumes. Thankfully, there’s a new app for iOS that makes interviewing and hiring new candidates a lot easier for recruiters and business owners.

Interview Recorder (Free, App Store Link) by Intersog takes all aspects of an interview and gives you viable tools such as questions, options, live recording, and input and attachments of resume for contacts and new hires. Above that, Interview Recorder also features a seamless interface to quickly and efficiently navigate while interviewing.

InterviewRecorder1 InterviewRecorder2


In Interview Recorder, you start off by adding a prospective hire or selecting to import a contact. It would be better off if this would appear when you first launch the app, so you can quickly get started, but the first thing that appears are the list of interviews you have already created or plan on conducting. In the ‘candidates’ tab however, you can add content, such as a photo, name, number, notes, and specific position.

There is also an option to add a CV.  You have to upload it from Dropbox, which seems to be the only way to add a resume. This can be inconvenient many times if you have their resume stored somewhere else such as iCloud, Box, or another cloud service. Other than that, most likely they emailed their resume to you, the interviewer. It would be ideal if you can import or open a resume from an email into Interview Recorder and store it or just paste it in the candidate’s profile. Once you’re ready to begin an interview, you choose the person from the list under the ‘Interviews” tab.

InterviewRecorder3 InterviewRecorder4

This is where most, if not all the information will be stored while conducting an interview. Here you can enter basic information such as questions from the app or ones you’ve entered on your own. You can also set an alert and date for the interview, export to Dropbox or an email, and start the voice recording. There is also an option for video recording, which is available in the Pro version of the app.

If you conduct a voice recording of an answer to a certain question, the app saves the recording within the certain profile. Once the interview’s over, you can send the whole thing with the audio recordings, saved as a wav file, to an email or Dropbox. Besides that, you basically have your standard calendar to set dates for interviews. The only thing I found that was missing was the ability to send your set dates to the native calendar app.


Interview Recorder is a really handy and useful app that will definitely save any hiring manager or interviewer plenty of time. There are plenty of options and resources available for adding new or additional info for contacts. A few great features of Interview Recorder including the ability to add recordings,your own questions, and export profiles to Dropbox or by email.

There is an option to export to Evernote, which is only available in the Pro version. The only thing I would like to have been able to accomplish was an option to export interview dates to iOS calendar app or Google calendar. Nevertheless, Interview Recorder is a solid utility app with a great interface that makes the whole process that much more effortless.

Price: Free, App Store Link

Rating: 4/5[rating:4]


  • Ability to add voice recordings to questions and create new text questions
  • Export data and profiles to email and Dropbox
  • Simple interface


  • Not able to export data to other cloud services
  • Can’t export dates to native calendar app or Google Calendar