Review: iPlan myTime – Keep Your Tasks in Order

Review: iPlan myTime – Keep Your Tasks in Order

Over the past few years, the iPhone has become a central tool of productivity for people around the world.  Having quick, easy access to your emails and calendar(s) has made the iPhone an essential tool for the office.  Even with all the tools built into the iPhone to increase productivity, keeping various tasks and projects separated can be a headache.  “iPlan myTime” for iPhone & iPod Touch is a solution for keeping your busy schedule manageable.


iPlan myTime (free in the App Store) is a powerful calendar organization app for your iPhone or iPod Touch.  Integrating with your various connected calendars, iPlan myTime allows you to create projects to group your various calendar events and personal or work-related tasks.


Setting up iPlan myTime is fairly simple task.  When you create your first project, you are prompted to choose which calendars you’d like to include events from, and whether or not you’d like to write your new tasks to a calendar.

Once you’ve created your project, any current calendar items in the calendar you included events from will show up in your project list.  The tasks or events in your calendar can all then be color-coded to help you keep things separated or prioritized.


Adding events can be done in few ways.  The first method of adding events is within the iPlan myTime app, which allows you to put a title, color-code, and start/stop time.  Events can also be added in the stock iPhone calendar app, which will allow for more details to be added (like location, notes, reminders, etc), and events can also be added through your desktop calendar which will sync them into your mobile calendar and iPlan myTime project events.

Verdict:[rating: 4]


iPlan myTime strives to give your iPhone a more logical method of viewing your calendar events, and attempts to help make your more productive and organized with your time.  The added ability to view your calendar in both a timeline or a list of events makes it visually appealing to find your free time and manage your day in whatever method is most logical to you.  It is worth noting that iPlan myTime does include a $1.99 in-app purchase which unlocks viewing your calendar more than 2 weeks out (giving you a free preview).


  • Available Integration with iPhone calendars
  • Color-coding helps separate different events
  • “Try-before-you-buy” allows you to see up to 2 weeks in advance.


  • Doesn’t allow separating imported tasks into different projects
  • Incessant prompt to purchase full version whenever opening the app.

If you’re looking for a visual way to manage your time, check out iPlan myTime for iPhone, free in the App Store.

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