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Review: Kids Planet Discovery – Teach Your Kids About the World Around Them

Review: Kids Planet Discovery – Teach Your Kids About the World Around Them

All parents want their children to learn about the world they live in. Sometimes though, that’s not the easiest thing in the “world” to do. What if there was an app that would allow them to enjoy themselves for hours, and learn about the people of the world, their cultures, how they dress, where they live, and more? Lucky for you there is such an app, welcome to Kids Planet Discovery from PlanetFactory.


Kids Planet Discovery allows your child to explore and learn about the world via various entertaining activities.  By engaging the child in puzzles, videos, memory games, dress-up, adventures, music, and more, the app teaches them about the world around them in an entertaining and engaging manner.

The game is geared for ages 4 and up. It contains 9 various “apps-within-an-app”, although only one is unlocked in the free version, the other 8 will need to be unlocked via in-app purchases. The good news is there is a volume discount if you buy all at once. More about that later.

The “apps” are: Planet Animals, Memory, Dress-up, U.S. States Puzzle, Continents, Discover Africa, Discover India, Planet Music, World Videos, and Cultures Videos.

Your child will be able to enjoy 100 games and activities, and 80 videos about the planet.


The app is very colorful, with creative graphics that aid in learning about the category the child is currently exploring. A totally kid-safe app, the interface is geared towards children, and is easy to use, and can be earned in just a few taps. Your child should be able to jump right in to the games and activities with a minimum of frustration. Videos along the way teach while entertaining.

In “Continents,” the free app included with the free app download, your child is presented with a map of the world, as they tap various spot on the map, the child will be engaged in various activities such as assembling a puzzle, play a game of “what doesn’t belong,” playing dress up with a local native, playing memory games, and more.

The free “Continents” portion of the game should keep your child engaged for quite awhile, but I do think they’ll be asking to buy the rest of the “apps” before very long. Apps are from $0.99 up to $2.99, but at the time of this review you can purchase all of them at once for the discount price of $6.99, 50% off.



If you want your child to know more about the world around them, I highly recommend this app. It is engaging, and entertaining, and will teach your child about the world and its cultures while they are playing games that are fun and easy to learn.

This would be a great app to have on your iPhone or iPad for those times like long trips, or when you’d like them to be entertained by something besides mindless video games or television pap that passes for children’s entertainment.

The game is a definite download, especially since the “Continents” game comes complimentary with the free app download, and give you and your child a taste of the game so you can decide if you’d like to purchase the other “apps” that make up the suite of activities.

Rating: 3.5/5[rating:3.5]

Price: FREE (In-app purchases are required to play all of the activities.) – Available for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store [DIRECT LINK]


  • Easy to learn, your child should be able to catch on quickly.
  • The graphics are eye-catching, and should help keep your child’s interest.
  • Uses the larger screen of the iPhone 5.


  • I do wish more was included in the initial free download, but the game does give a decent “taste” of the app.
  • The music can be a bit maddening for adults, so you might want to put headphones on your little ones while they play.