Review: Sprinkfield – A Fun and Quirky Puzzle Game for iOS

Review: Sprinkfield – A Fun and Quirky Puzzle Game for iOS

The ever-growing array of iOS games in the App Store include some very impressive and elaborate games.  There are also enough card games, memory games, word games, and puzzlers to fill a small country.  Sprinkfield for iOS is definitely not one of impressive graphics, but it is a unique puzzle game that mixes creative logic and the recent obsession with farming games to create a new level of addiction to your mobile device.


Sprinkfield (free in the App Store) is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad that is based on watering your crops to produce the maximum harvest.  The catch? Obstacles stand in your way of successfully getting the most out of every acre.


Sprinkfield starts you off with a simple tutorial, walking your through the first few levels, and introducing different elements that may hinder your success (and make this a true logic game).  Rocks, dry patches, and the need for scare-a-crows all create challenging obstacles that you must work around to be successful in watering your crops.


Similar to other addicting games, part of the challenge in Sprinkfield is to use the fewest moves to complete the level.  The fewer moves you use (and lack of “undo” usage) helps you earn “Clouds.”  Much like getting 1-3 stars on a level in Angry Birds, the best you can do on a Sprinkfield level is 3 Clouds.


Verdict: [rating: 4.5]

While graphics are nothing overly impressive in Sprinkfield, the general game-play and concept of the game makes it fun and addicting.  The free price tag makes it well worth it, but the lack of in-game “currency” means that to play beyond the first 20 (easy) levels will cost you at least $1.99.


  • Unique concept for a puzzler
  • Silly graphics are fun and family friendly
  • Playable by a wide age range


  • Only 20 levels for free (must pay for more levels instead of using ads)

If you’re looking for a new fun and addicting game for your iOS device, check out Sprinkfield for free in the App Store.