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Seven Essential Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 6

Seven Essential Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS 6

Now that the ‘evasi0n’ iOS 6 untethered jailbreak has arrived, many who are new to the jailbreaking scene might be wondering what jailbreak tweaks or apps they should try to get started. I’ve rounded up a few that I have used and enjoyed in the past, and have come up with 7 of my favorites – I hope you enjoy them as well! Videos in this post are from the iDownloadBlog YouTube channel.



Winterboard Thumb

Wiinterboard is perhaps the most popular theming and customizing app for jailbroken devices, allowing you to dramatically alter the appearance of iOS on your device. There are hundreds of great Winterboard themes already available to choose from in Cydia – and best of all, Winterboard (and most themes) are available completely free! You can also create your own theme, if you’re up to the challenge!


SBSettings ThumbSBSettings is a very versatile app for quickly and easily toggling the various settings on or off (such as Bluetooth, WiFi, brightness, 3G, LTE, Airplane Mode, and so on). Using SBSettings is as simple as swiping down from the tio bar of your screen, revealing a handy pair of toggle switches directly inside the iOS 6 Notification Center on your device. It’s a great solution for quickly changing a setting or two, and it’s completely free!


MyWi ThumbIf you like the idea of tethering your device, allowing you to use your iPhone’s internet connection on your Laptop (or another iOS device), WyWi should be your go to app. At $20, it’s not cheat – but it is extremely easy to use, and supports WiFi, Bluetooth, and USB tethering. It’s also extremely easy to use – and if you’re stuck on an unlimited data plan, it may be the only way you’ll be able to tether at all!


auxo-cydia-ipod_thumbAuxo is one of the most feature-packed jailbreak tweaks available in Cydia, and aims to replace the iOS app switcher with something even better. Using Auxo, you can remove multiple apps at once from the app switcher (or all, if you choose). Auxo also provides access to toggles for frequently used iOS settings, includes music playback controls, and can be controlled entirely with gestures. See it in action in the below clip!

IntelliScreen X

Intelliscreen X ThumbWhile Apple’s iOS Notification Center is useful, it doesn’t quite do enough to satisfy some users. That’s where IntelliScreen X comes in. This powerful tweak improves Notification Center by allowing you to read your Twitter timeline and Facebook wall (as well as post new messages on either), quickly read and respond to SMS or iMessages, emails, view RSS feeds, and more, all without ever having to leave Notification Center! See it in action below!

Dashboard X

Dashboard X ThumbHave you ever wished you could use OS X-like Dashboard Widgets on your iOS device? That’s the idea behund Dashboard X, allowing you to install and use multiple widgets. There are a variety of widgets to choose from – including widgets for other jailbreak apps, such as SBSettings. New in version 2.0, you can now also resize widgets, have widgets running in both portrait and landscape mode, and more. See it all in action yourself below.


Zephyr Thumb

One of the newer and more unique jailbreak tweaks, Zephyr aims to chance the way that you switch between apps. Rather than using the iOS app switcher, you can simply swipe left or right to switch apps. Zephyr also allows you to reveal the iOS multitasking bar by simply swiping up rather than having to double tap the home button. While a price tag of $2.99 makes it one of the pricier apps, it does provode some cool functionality to your device that you just might love.

Enjoy the tweaks – and happy jailbreaking to those of you willing to take the risks (note: Apple strongly disapproves)!