Some iPhone Users Report Overheating and Battery Drain After iOS 6.1 Upgrade

Some iPhone Users Report Overheating and Battery Drain After iOS 6.1 Upgrade

There has been a reported increase in iPhone issues related to battery life and overheating. All of the reports seem to be from users who upgraded their devices to iOS 6.1.



A quick search on the Apple Support Communities forum for iOS 6.1 battery shows this is not an isolated problem. Apple released iOS 6.1 on January 28. It appears some users have been having problems ever since they’ve upgraded: complaints have been coming in from that date all the way till today.

The earliest found report was on January 28, and ironically comes form a user reporting his great battery life on his iPhone 5. The first reply however, is from another iPhone 5 user who is “Seeing the exact opposite” and the thread goes downhill from there.

Another 16 page thread began on January 29th, and a third on February 4th. All of these threads have a majority of their replies coming in today February 8th.

There is a thread that was started on January 29th that contains the closest thing yet to a solution:

I went to see the genius’ yesterday. My problem was that my usage was almost identical to my stand by times, which means that something was continuing to run in the background after closing all the apps. I was told to turn off location services and then one by one turn each in turn to see which one was causing the drain on the battery. I was impatient so just factory reset the handset which seems to have fixed the problem.

I’ll keep you all posted on how it continues.

One possible theory links the problem with Apple Mail and Microsoft Exchange. Apparently iOS 6.1 can throw up malformed meetings, which can cause a device to get into a sync loop which in turn causes excessive transaction log growth on Exchange mailbox servers. This then leads to Exchange performance issues and transaction log drives can potentially run out of disk space.

If the two are indeed related, it would explain why some users are having the problem and others aren’t. Not everyone connects their iPhone to an Exchange server. TNW says a temporary fix is available at DevCentral.

As has happened in the past, it’s very likely that these issues will be fixed in a future update.

How about our readers? Have any of you noticed overheating or a decrease in battery life since updating to iOS 6.1? Please share your experiences, good or bad, in the comments section below.