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Apple Rumored to be Building 4K Ultra HDTV for 2013/2014 Launch

Apple Rumored to be Building 4K Ultra HDTV for 2013/2014 Launch

The latest Apple TV rumor is floating around on the web, and this one says Apple’s much speculated entry into the living room will include a screen that meets the  4K UHD standard, (Ultra HD), and could debut by the end of 2013. Before you get too excited, the rumor is from DigiTimes, so…



Citing supply chain sources, DigiTimes reports the device, supposedly to be called the “iTV,” will sport a 3,840-by-2,160 pixel display, voice and motion controls and internet connectivity. While the publication’s insiders have a spotty record in predicting Apple’s hardware releases, its display industry sources are somewhat more reliable.

If the rumor is to believed, the TV would meet the guidelines of the 4K UHD standard of 2160p, four times the pixel count of a 1080p HDTV. This year, CES and other shows have seen LG and Samsung show off the cutting edge tech, although prices have come in WAY above what the average cosnumer would be willing to pay.

According to DigiTime’s source, Apple and Foxconn have been discussing the manufacture of UHDTVs for “quite some time,” but the device maker is looking for a reliable panel maker. Most firms believed to have the facilities capable of building the high-resolution displays will already be at full capacity in 2013 due to demand from Chinese vendors.

Apple’s current display suppliers are reportedly focused on making components for Apple’s popular iOS devices. LG Display will likely have the ability to mass produce the necessary panel sizes by the second half of 2013, which means an Apple 4K TV could launch by year’s end, but a 2014 launch would be more probable.

What do you think readers? Is a 4K Apple TV coming by year’s end, or is it just another log to throw on the rumor fire? Please let us know your thoughts, and any predictions you might have, in the comments section below.

  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    I want this to be true more than I’ve wanted any Apple rumor to be true in many years.

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