Google Is Reported to be Working on Its Own Android Based Smart Watch

Google Is Reported to be Working on Its Own Android Based Smart Watch

As rumors about an Apple “iWatch” continue to circulate, and as Samsung confirms it is working on it’s own smart watch, now comes word that Google could be working on their own arm wearable device, and has even received a “Google Glass-like” patent for a smart watch.


The Financial Times (via MacRumors), is reporting that Google’s Android unit is at work on a smart watch:

Google’s smart watch is being developed by its Android unit, according to a person briefed on the project, to act as an extension to the smartphones using that operating system. The project is separate from Samsung’s efforts, the source said, although there is no indication of when it might launch.

Meanwhile TechHive is reporting that on Tuesday, Google received a patent for a Google Glass-like smart watch that has a flip-up display that works much like the company’s recently revealed augmented-reality glasses.

The patent says the watch will contain a processor, wireless transmitter, camera, and transparent flip-up screen upon which information can be displayed. The transmitter will connect to a smartphone, and should be able to display notifications, as well as have access to a network. The camera will work with a flip-up display in order to determine what the watch is pointed at. The watch will then display only relevant augmented-reality info to the user.

As with Google’s Glasses, the watch will be location and surroundings aware, using a combination of GPS and a camera to display information on the screen.

No word if the watch could work along with the Project Glass glasses, or if it’s a totally separate product.