HBO Mulling Online Subscriptions to Cable Cutting Customers

HBO Mulling Online Subscriptions to Cable Cutting Customers

HBO has given the first indications that it may be willing to switch things up a bit by offering online subscriptions to “cable cutters.” The comments were made by HBO Chief Executive Richard Plepler in a new interview with Reuters.



While HBO Go currently requires users to have an HBO subscription through a cable TV provider, the network’s CEO admitted that the company could package HBO Go with monthly Internet service through broadband partners, many of which are the same cable TV providers.

Customers could pay an extra $10 to $15 per month as part of their Internet bill. The cost would be about as much as a regular cable TV HBO subscription. Plepler did say however, that the network and its partners would “have to make the math work” before such a program could be made available.

Plepler’s comments come as competition has been heating up amongst web-based media providers. Netflix and Amazon have begun producing original content available exclusively to their paid subscribers. Netflix recently produced “House of Cards,” a political thriller.

Earlier this year, HBO updated their HBO Go iOS app to allow users to stream the content to their Apple TV via AirPlay. An HBO Go app for the Apple TV is believed to be on the way sometime this year.


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