Kickstarter of the Week: MacDock: The Minimal Dock For MacBook

Kickstarter of the Week: MacDock: The Minimal Dock For MacBook

I love my MacBook, I could never go back to using a desktop computer again, the portability and flexibility is just something I can’t give up. But after traveling with my MacBook, a part of me dreads going back to my office desk to once again face connecting the myriad cables I have running to my various peripherals. There’a gotta be a better way! Imagine my interest when I saw this week’s featured Kickstarter!

From the MacDock Kickstarter Page:

The MacDock is the first docking station for the MacBook that is Apple-design worthy. Just seamlessly connect the MacDock to your MacBook and you’ll be connected to all your peripherals such as your Monitor, External hard drive, iPad, Mouse, speakers, etc. While designing the MacDock, we strove to create a minimalist yet fashionable product that seamlessly blends into your table, especially with your MacBook.

The MacDock will initially come in two versions.


The MacDock Mini

The MacDock Mini is made of Aerospace grade Aluminium and you can get it in MacBook silver and black slate. The website states that it’s the best option for somebody who has already built a complete hub and just needs to replace all the unattractive connectors with a nicely designed dock.

The Mini allows you to seamlessly connect:

  • One USB 3.0 (Also compatible with USB 2)
  • Mini Displayport

The MacDock Pro

The MacDock Pro allows you to connect everything in your working station in one simple dock. The MacDock Pro is made of Aerospace grade Aluminium and you can get it in MacBook silver or black slate.

The Pro allows you to connect:

  • Monitor
  • Audio Jack
  • Three x USB 3.0 (Also compatible with USB 2)
  • One 10W Power USB to charge your iPad

The current model of the MacDock is compatible with all the MacBook Pro models made since Summer 2009. The photo below shows the compatible models of the MacBook Pro lineup. If the the two marked sockets are arranged the same way, your MacBook should be compatible with the current MacDock family.


If you own a MacBook Pro with Retina Display, don’t worry. Just before we went to press, my source within MacDock told me they will possibly begin offering the Retina version sometime next week. So, keep your eye on the website to be ready when it happens. The source also supplied me with an unpublished rendering of the Retina model, as seen below.


If this all sounds good to you, I highly recommend visiting the MacDock website and checking out all the MacDock models.

MacTrast has been promised  a sample of the MacDock after production begins, and if we do we’ll be sure to give them a thorough once over and tell you what we think of them.


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