New WWDC Ticket Alert Service Launches

New WWDC Ticket Alert Service Launches

A ticket to WWDC is worth more than its weight in gold. Last year it sold out in a couple of hours, and unless you’re ultra quick, you won’t be going. However in anticipation of WWDC 2013, developer Oisin Prendiville has set up a service to phone and text people when Apple starts putting tickets on sale (via TUAW).


While there was a similar service last year called WWDC Alerts, it was overloaded which resulted in delays. Prendiville hopes that his model, which requires users to pay a minimum €1 fee to use it (you can pay more and get higher up in the queue), will be more controlled because of it.

What’s more, if something goes wrong and his script doesn’t work, he’ll give a full refund. If I wanted to attend, I would definitely consider this solution, as it’s the best way to guarantee a ticket. You can get in the queue here.

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