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Say Hello to Project Q: A New Motherboard With Out-of-the-Box Hackintosh Support!

Say Hello to Project Q: A New Motherboard With Out-of-the-Box Hackintosh Support!

Building a Hackintosh – a non-Apple computer that runs Mac OS X – has gotten progressively easier over the years, thanks to tools like UniBeast and others (which do most of the hard work for users). A company called Quo Computer aims to make the process even easier with a new custom motherboard called Project Q. c16d4f75ead9782f3b27cb18f334fe9b_large The Project Q motherboard aims to be the very first board built specifically to run any OS – including Mac OS X. It includes both Firewire 400 and 800, Inter-certified Thunderbolt, and a compact MicroATX form factor for compatibility with many currently available cases. What really makes the magic happen, however, is the board’s custom firmware,, which allows booting of any OS in “under 10 seconds”. From the Quo Computer product page:

In 2013 Quo is introducing the first motherboard ever made from the ground up to run any OS, thus the AOS at the end of the name of Z77MX-QUO-AOS. Run any OS you choose seamlessly on this board with high-end components with a 3 year warranty. Quo now allows system builders worldwide to purchase a motherboard specifically engineered to meet their needs. […] Most importantly  we will include custom firmware and UEFI that allows booting of OS in under 10 seconds!

The company has just started an official Kickstarter page for the new motherboard – and early Kickstarter backers will be able to purchase a Project Q motherboard for just $219. Retail pricing will start at $249. In addition, Quo is also offering a variety of pre-built computers already configured and ready to install OS X. For a $1200 Kickstarter pledge, you can get a computer as powerful as a Mac Pro – and with ports like Thunderbolt and HDMI, which you can’t even get on a Mac Pro. It’s a pretty amazing deal for prospective Mac Pro buyers, or anyone who likes experimenting with Hackintosh builds. You can even upgrade the CPU yourself to add more power in the future.

Pledge $1,199 or more

THE ULTRA COLLECTOR: BLACK Aluminum Special Edition tower with engraving and serial number to match order number. Z77MX-QUO-AOS motherboard and complete system. i7 3.5 GHz, 8gb memory, 1tb HD, HD4000, Thunderbolt, FW 400/800, Sata III, USB 3/2, HDMI, DVI, and overclocking capable.

We hope to get our hands on some of the new hardware soon – and we’ll have more information and a hands-on demo of how it all works as soon as our shiny new toy arrives in the lab. For more information, check out Quo Computer’s website, or visit their Kickstarter page to make a pledge and pre-order a unit today!