Review: Bluelounge Mika – A Remarkably Simple Device Stand

Review: Bluelounge Mika – A Remarkably Simple Device Stand

Nothing makes a desk feel more unorganized than a computer, tablet, phone, and a bundle of cables spread over every usable inch.  The folks over at Bluelounge have made it a priority to create unique, simple, and effective solutions to manage cords, hold your devices and accessories, and make your workspace a truly productive area.  With their newest addition, the “Mika” stand, Bluelounge looks to help keep your tablet, phone, or computer out of the way and in a perfectly displayed and usable fashion.


The “Mika” ($39.95 from Bluelounge) is a perfectly crafted, elegantly designed stand, suited for the masses. Unlike many of it’s competitors, the Mika is a universal stand, which can work for a huge range of devices to keep your workspace a little less cluttered.

Devices on Bluelounge Mika Stand

Constructed from a solid aluminum frame and protective, durable TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane), the Mika will blend into you workspace with Apple-like precision.  At the foot (bottom) of the stand, a TPU pad will keep the Mika from scratching your desktop or getting scuffed if you’re using it on a rough surface.  At the front, a small lip of TPU holds the device in place and protects the bottom edge.  Another strip of TPU across the top protects the back of your device from being scratched.  The rest of the stand is made of brushed aluminum, which looks and feels very similar to Apple’s MacBooks and iPads.


Many cases for phones and tablets include a stand that promises a perfect viewing angle, but the trade off is always the additional bulk and (sometimes) and eyesore of a design.  Even Apple’s own SmartCovers for the iPad and iPad mini can be a nuisance at times.  The genius of the Mika is that it doesn’t attach to your device, so you don’t have to sacrifice the original, beautiful design of your device with a case or cover.  Mika also looks great alone on a desk, with it’s subtle form factor and size.

Bluelounge Mika Stand on Desk

The Mika stand isn’t adjustable, like many other stands, but the set angle is perfect for watching video on a tablet, or propping up a phone for scoping out twitter or scrolling through email (and other apps that work best in portrait mode).

Another beautiful use of the Mika is as a laptop stand.  When in use, the bottom edge of the Mika can provide a subtle lift to the back of your computer, and can provide a nice, ergonomic angle for typing.  When your computer is not in use, or in “dock” mode, the Mika can be used to hold your Mac (or other laptop) in a beautifully displayed manner.  Thanks to the Mika, your computer can easily be a productivity tool when in use, and something of a work of art when closed.

Bluelounge Mika Stand Mac

Verdict: [rating: 5]

The Mika is truly a perfect addition to your working environment.  The simple, classic, Apple-inspired design turns your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or other device into a centerpiece of your desk or table.  The solid construction ensures the Mika will withstand the test of time in nearly all working conditions, and will undoubtedly outlast the devices of today.  Using the Mika with an iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard created a sort of mini iMac setup, which was both easy and comfortable to use.  Set up in the living room, the Mika presented and iPad as a perfect moving picture frame without the bulk or distraction of a case.  The Mika truly is a must have for tablet (iPad) owners, as well as laptop (Mac) and smartphone (do I really need to specify at this point?) owners.


  • Works with tablets, phones, and laptop computers
  • Beautifully crafted from high quality aluminum and durable plastic
  • Lightweight and non-obtrusive
  • Minimal, Industrial design (Jony Ive would certainly approve)


  • No angle adjustment

If you are looking for a beautiful way to clear a little clutter from your desk, check out the Mika, and all the other great products from Bluelounge.