Review: Graviton – A Great New Tetris-Like Puzzle Game for iOS

Review: Graviton – A Great New Tetris-Like Puzzle Game for iOS

The gaming world has been revolutionized with the advancement of technology, coupled with the introduction of smart phones and tablets; games of all kinds are now available in seconds with the tap of a finger. With the ease of access to games, it is no wonder there are so many on the market, sometimes it can be hard to choose.

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Graviton (free in the App Store)  is a game that plays on the idea of Tetris, with a spin, taking a classic to a new level. So many games have complicated instructions and rules that don’t make sense, so why not take it back a notch with a game that takes users back, take a familiar game and re-introduce it to a new generation? Tetris is a game that most know, and by many counts, love, with all of the new technology available, we sometimes forget the games that introduced us to gaming in the first place.

The concept of Graviton is similar to that of Tetris, the object of the game remains the same, arrange the pieces and try to eliminate as many of them as possible, until eventually, you run out of room. Graviton offers a few twists to a classic game; the object is to create 3×3 cubes in order to eliminate pieces from the game board, any pieces surrounding the 3×3 cube will drop from the connected pieces.

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The game pieces are called Gravitons, there are 3 specific Gravitons that are key components of the game, they are +, -, and /. Once the + Graviton blocks are in place, they will attract other pieces that fall in the line of the attraction field, which can be helpful, or make the game more difficult. When the – Graviton blocks are place, they push pieces away that fall within the negative field. The / Graviton pieces are not affected by the + and – game pieces. Unlike Tetris, the game pieces cannot be rotated, which make the game even more challenging.

Being so used to the classic form of this block game, the new objectives and game pieces were a little confusing initially, but after a few rounds, it became second nature. The general concept is familiar and the puzzle-like building method entertained the problem-solving portion of the brain. Ultimately, Graviton helps pass the time and entertain the user.

Verdict [rating:4]

Overall, Graviton is addicting, and engaging, which is generally the real purpose for any game. Graviton is available for free in the App Store, however the free version only includes the first level, easy. As a user, I exhausted the easy level pretty quickly, depending on how often users intend to play Graviton, it may be worth it to spring for the paid for version, which also removes advertisements.


  • Addicting and entertaining
  • New objectives and twists
  • Free version available


  • Have to purchase to gain more levels

Check out Graviton, free in the App Store!