Review: iDelete for iOS – This Text Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds

Review: iDelete for iOS – This Text Message Will Self-Destruct in 10 Seconds

We’ve all done it. We’ve sent an embarrassing text message and instantly regretted it. Sometimes we’ve even been drunk enough… I mean stupid enough to include a photo! iDelete, from Private Sky aims to take care of the less than prudent texter in all of us. This iOS app allows you to send self-destructing text messages with or without a photo, and prevents your recipients from taking screenshots of your message or photo.



iDelete allows you to send silly texts or photos to recipients without fear of them being able to save them, or even taking screenshots of them to show others later.

iDelete lets you set a self-destruct timer for any messages you send via the app. The timer can be set for as little as 10 seconds, all the way up to two minutes. When your recipient receives the message and opens it, she or he will have a set amount of time to view it. As the message and or photo is displayed, a timer will countdown at the bottom of the screen, informing the viewer how much longer they have until it is deleted from the app and device.

I know what you’re thinking, the recipient can just do a quick screen capture of the message or photos, thus saving it for posterity, and possible future blackmail. Nope, thanks to what iDelete calls its “patent pending Screenshot Protection”. Any text and images are seen through a viewing loop that the receiver can navigate on the touch screen, so it’s impossible to do a full capture of a message or photo. You can turn the Screenshot Protection on or off depending on how “sensitive” your message might be.

One great feature is the ability to remotely delete the message if a message is sent and not opened by the recipient. Just delete it from your Outbox, and when the recipient tries to open the message, they will be informed that it has been deleted by you.



If you’re prone to send texts in the heat of passion, at the bottom of a bottle, or occasionally just let the mad texter inside of you take over, iDelete could be the app for you. The price is right, (it’s free), and the app is easy to learn and use.

I would be concerned you still might use the standard iOS Messages app in the heat of the moment, but you could move the icon for iDelete to your first screen full of apps, and move the Messages icon to another page.

Your recipients do need to have the iDelete app installed on their iPhone too, so there is that drawback… Or is it a drawback? If they don’t have the app, they’ll never get your message or photo. If they do have the app installed they’ll probably know what to expect from you anyway.


Price: FREE – Available for the iPhone in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]


  • Helps avoid embarrassment when imprudent text messages might bite you later.
  • Easy to learn, and easy to use.
  • The Screenshot Protection feature using the viewing loop is a great touch.
  • Uses the larger iPhone 5 screen.


  • Your recipients need to have the app installed. But, that could turn out to be a blessing.
  • If you attempt to send a text message in the heat of the moment, you still might use the Messages app instead of iDelete.

  1. I tried this app, and I honestly like it. Its pretty cool especially to pull pranks on my friends. That way no one has proof! LoL!

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