Review: Space Cubes – Simplistic Arcade-Style Gaming for iPhone and iPad

Review: Space Cubes – Simplistic Arcade-Style Gaming for iPhone and iPad

Simplistic arcade games had been all the rage since their inception, however the craze has dwindled down in recent years. With all of the action packed excitement and pristine graphic quality of new games on the market, users can sometimes forget the sheer joy and fun that comes with playing a simple, yet addicting, arcade-style game.


Space Cubes (free in the App Store) boasts simple graphics and ease of playing, which seem to suck the player in and make them not want to put the game down. The overall object of Space Cubes is to free a meteoroid, Qubby. The character is trapped within a cube, seeking freedom from a strange galaxy. Players are assigned a series of tasks to help free Qubby from his space cube.

Space Cube - main

At the start of each level, a mission is assigned for the player, providing them with which items need to be broken up, and which items need to be found. The game takes users through what resemble black holes, pushing them into a new arena each time. Users gain points by finding the highlighted items at the start of a mission. Objects users are supposed to find are collected by swiping Qubby, the meteoroid, and having him slide into the rocks, or other items assigned to be broken, thus revealing the items users are supposed to find.

Space Cubes - score

Space Cubes seems to lack an overall purpose, but it is still an enjoyable game that can help pass the time. The object is simple, slide your finger to break things, reveal items, and gain points by collecting them. While Space Cubes can help pass the time, it may not be a game that players could endure for an extensive period of time. The game itself possesses basic graphics, simple instructions, and minimal thought, which for some, may be the reason they want to play a game in the first place.

Verdict [rating: 3]

The game Space Cubes provides players with a simplistic gaming experience, ideal for short periods of time where little thought or purpose is necessitated. Overall, Space Cubes provides an adequate amount of entertainment and a basic game interface, allowing users of all ages to understand and play.

Space Cubes is available as a free download in the App Store (direct link). 


  • Simple game objective
  • Easy to play for users of all ages


  • Becomes repetitive
  • Loses excitement over time
  • Play is landscape mode only