Russians Make iPad-Controlled Car

Russians Make iPad-Controlled Car

If you’ve ever seen Tomorrow Never Dies, you’ll know this is cool. Remember the scene where Bond gets out his phone, controls his BMW remotely to get away from the bad guys before sending it flying off a building into the Avis rent-a-car below?

That’s what some Russians can potentially do with a much less glamourous Opel Vectra, and a third gen iPad. Announced on their blog (via MacRumors), they modded the Vectra to control all the key aspects of it via the iPad, allowing complete remote control.

From their blog:

Control through internet will be added a little bit later, when it becomes warmer, since the weather turned out to be the main problem. While doing tests outside, I froze like a dog. Besides, the tablet screen quickly becomes wet and fingers numb and lose sensitivity, making tapping on the screen more difficult. Also, in the street it’s difficult to see clearly the picture from the rear view mirror – the screen brightness is not sufficient. Plus the windshield is quickly covered with snow.

Internet control would be completely awesomely unbelievable, and extremely dangerous. In fact, considering the reputation Russians have for driving, it’s dangerous enough without internet, and in the middle of nowhere.

  1. Artyom Belan says:

    >I find it quite funny that the name of the region where they are from could be the same as their reaction when they crash it: Oblast!

    Oh my)
    “Oblast” means “region”) So, which oblast are the guys from?

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