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Samsung Outspent Apple in Smartphone Advertising in 2012

Samsung Outspent Apple in Smartphone Advertising in 2012

Samsung’s lead over Apple in the smartphone market was undoubtedly helped by the fact that Samsung spent more money than Apple did, reports The Wall Street Journal.



Figures published by Kantar Media showed that in 2011, Apple was outspending Samsung three-to-one in mobile phone advertising (red graphics). Samsung massively increased its phone advertising spending from $78 million in 2011 to $401 million in 2012, 20% higher than Apple’s $333 million.

As the technology gap between the two companies devices narrow, advertising dollars could continue to be the deciding factor.

“They understand how to build a strong product…and have been willing to invest to drive their success,” said Michael Sievert, chief marketing officer of T-Mobile USA Inc.

Apple will remain a powerful brand, benefiting from its own advertising, and an envious position in pop culture. Apple’s iPhone is America’s most effective mobile phone brand, advertising analytics firm Ace Metrix said in January. However, Samsung phones placed second in the study, and Samsung in general was the top technology brand in 2012.

Samsung has been running teaser ads for their Galaxy S IV phone, which is due to be launched tomorrow at Radio City Music Hall. Advertising for the new flagship device will most assuredly continue, likely containing the pokes and jabs at the iPhone that the company’s Galaxy ads have become known for.

Ken Segall, the creative director behind several of Apple’s ad campaigns including the legendary “Think Different” campaign, just weeks ago argued that Apple needs to step up its advertising game, using Samsung’s ads as an example.