Apple Almost Called the iPhone the ‘Telepod’

Apple Almost Called the iPhone the ‘Telepod’

During an event at the University of Arizona’s Department of Marketing, former Apple advertising lead Ken Segall shared some behind-the-scenes details into the naming of Apple’s popular smartphone. We know that Apple considered calling the device the ‘iPad’, but there were a few other names considered along the way too.


Our own Scott Buscemi was on the ground at the event, and he has shared the details for this article. In addition to iPhone, Apple considered “Telepod,” “Mobi,” “Tripod,” and “iPad.”

The names that were considered, and the reasoning behind them were:

  • Telepod:” According to Segall, Apple considered calling the device “Telepod” because it sounded like a futuristic twist to the word “telephone.” The “pod” part of the name also made a connection with Apple’s popular iPod music devices.
  • Mobi“: This potential name was a play on the word “mobile.” Segall said the shortened version of “Mobile” seems to be a creative name with a personality.
  • Tripod:” This moniker stems from the iPhone being a combination phone + iPod + Internet device. Apple heavily marketed the original iPhone as such.
  • iPad:” This ended up being the name for Apple’s tablet computer, but was also under consideration for the smartphone. It has been previously revealed that Apple worked on the tablet before the iPhone, but ended up placing the iPhone at the head of the line.

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