Wallpaper Weekends: Elegant Water Droplet Walls for All Devices

Wallpaper Weekends: Elegant Water Droplet Walls for All Devices

Wallpaper Weekends is a series that works to bring you stunning, high quality wallpapers for your iPad, iPhone, and/or iPod Touch.

I ask every week in my article for wallpaper submissions. In well over a year, I have only been contacted three times by readers. Today, we feature a MacTrast fan by showcasing one of his complete wallpaper suites.

Below is the preview for “Mathew” by @MikailDesign who holds several other designs on his Deviant Art profile. Maik wohnt auf Deutschland and is a graphic designer focusing on UI, wallpapers and icons. The Mathew package has several colors for your iPhone, iPad, and desktop.


Download Instructions

As the wallpapers this weekend are part of a complete suite, you can download the zip file on your desktop and then transfer them to your respective devices, which I highly recommend. If that is not an option, the hyperlinks below will direct you to the individual images.

From your iOS device, link to the full resolution image by tapping the links. When the new window opens, tap and hold on the image until the “Save Image” option appears. Saving the image will place your new wallpaper in the Camera Roll. From your desktop, link to the full resolution image. Right click and save the image to your iTunes photo sync folder to transfer iOS images.

iPhone 5 or 4/s

MathewBlue, Green, Teal, Pink

iPad (Retina ready)

MathewBlueGreen, Teal, Pink

Desktop (Retina ready)

Mathew, Blue, Green, Teal, Pink

Wallpaper Weekend Posts

If you would like your talents debuted on MacTrast or can point us in the right direction, contact @jim_gresham, who curates the Wallpaper Weekend section of the MacTrast webpage!

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