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Apple Celebrates “A Decade of iTunes” in the iTunes Store

Apple Celebrates “A Decade of iTunes” in the iTunes Store

Apple is celebrating “A Decade of iTunes” by rolling out a new feature to its iTunes Store, which offers a history lesson about the company’s uber-popular digital content downloading service.



The new addition to the iTunes Store includes an interactive timeline that allows visitors to see how iTunes — as well as popular music — has evolved over the last ten years. The feature kicks off by recalling April 28, 2003, when the iTunes Music Store launched with 200,000 songs, and the third-generation iPod was unveiled.

The top selling tune on launch day ten years ago was “Stuck in a Moment” by U2. The most popular album was “Sea Change” by Beck. Over one million songs were downloaded in the first week.

The new feature allows customers to click-through the history of the iTunes service on a year-by-year basis, viewing the top selling album for each year, along with various other milestones such as new countries where the store launched, and major product launches for that year.

This Sunday, April 28th will be 10 years to the day when the iTunes store opened its virtual doors. While originally launched as a music only venue, the store has since expanded to offer video, iOS apps, and e-books and magazines.


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