Apple Reportedly Shuts Down its eBay Refurb Store

Apple Reportedly Shuts Down its eBay Refurb Store

It looks like Apple’s eBay refurbished products store is closed for business. All of the items in the store were taken offline Saturday morning, and as of Monday morning, it remains empty.



We reported in November that a representative of eBay told us Apple was running the store, possibly through intermediaries. An eBay spokesperson declined to refute the information at the time. An Apple spokesperson also declined to comment.

The store gained attention due to it sometimes offering lower prices on refurbished items than were available on the official online Apple Store. Also, payment of sales tax was only required in a few states, and the eBay store also offered PayPal as a payment option.

Sorry to see you go Apple eBay refurb store, we hardly knew ye.

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