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Bloomberg Says Facebook is Talking to Apple About iOS Version of “Home,” TNW Says “Nope”

Bloomberg Says Facebook is Talking to Apple About iOS Version of “Home,” TNW Says “Nope”

Is Facebook talking to Apple about bringing its “Home” software to iOS? Well, it depends on who is doing the reporting. Bloomberg says yes, Facebook is currently talking to the iOS device maker about creating a version of Home for the device. The Next Web disputes that report, saying no discussions are happening.



Originally released for Android devices earlier this month, Facebook Home puts Facebook at the front and center of the phone, displaying photos on the lock screen and transforming the chat experience with overlays called Chat Heads.

Bloomberg quotes Adam Mosseri, who is the director of product at menlo Park, and says that talks are ongoing, and that no plans have been finalized. “We’ve shown them what we’ve built and we’re just in an ongoing conversation,” Mosseri said.

The Next Web disputes Bloomberg‘s report, saying nope, no discussions are underway.

According to a source inside Facebook familiar with the discussions, the social networking company is not in talks with Apple or Microsoft, contrary to what Bloomberg has reported earlier. We’ve been told that while the company has good relationships with both Apple and Microsoft, right now no discussions have taken place to bring Home to those platforms.

Bloomberg quotes a named source, and The Next Web quotes “a source inside,” so it bears watching who is correct.

Facebook and Apple have had an up and down relationship in the past. The two parties couldn’t come to an agreement over Facebook integration in the now-defunct iTunes Ping, but they have been able to work together on integrating Facebook into iOS 6 and OS  X Mountain Lion.

Facebook is also reportedly courting Microsoft for inclusion on Windows Phone devices. Both Apple and Microsoft representatives have declined to comment on the on the reports.


  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    I would be beyond shocked if Apple allowed FB to take front and center on any iOS device. I mean seriously beyond shocked, to the degree that I would have to seriously consider ditching my iOS devices once they were no longer serviceable on the current iteration of iOS.

    The very notion that anyone at Apple would let the iPhone or iPad be taken over by “chat heads” is utterly ridiculous. So I’ve gotta say that someone over at Bloomberg needs to put the crack pipe down and back away from it.

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