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Supposed 5th-Gen iPad Front Glass Suggests iPad mini-like Design?

Supposed 5th-Gen iPad Front Glass Suggests iPad mini-like Design?

Leaks of iPad parts have slowed down a bit recently in regards to Apple’s next-gen devices, although this should liven things up. NowhereElse reports that this could be the front of the next iPad. Notice the thinner iPad mini-style bezels, which would be a logical change for Apple to make.


MacTrast exclusive translation (from the original French):

Today we bring you without doubt the first solid proof that the production of the iPad 5 is well and truly underway! A photo which has been sent to us by one of our Chinese moles could indeed be the first proof of the imminent release of the new iPad.

Supposedly produced for the iPad 5, the bezels as you can see are quite a lot thinner than the current iPad. The proportions are at first glance similar to those of the iPad mini.

There are therefore two possibilities. The photo could be of the front of an iPad mini, in which case the person who was holding it has very small hands, or it is genuinely the iPad 5. Needless to say we can’t rule out that it’s a Chinese copy.


Nowhereelse does have a decent track record with leaks and rumors, so there’s no reason this can’t be trusted, especially as it would make perfect sense. It is in line with what we’ve seen in the past, but it’s never confirmed until the keynote, so we still have to take it with some caution.

If rumors are to be believed, that could be at a June 29 event, however that is extremely unlikely due to WWDC. In fact, I would put a fair bet on new iPads coming at the conference.

  1. daveywavey says:

    That’s iPad mini. The hands are just small. You can tell if you REALLY look at it.

    1. How did you arrive at that conclusion?

  2. MRonin ⚜ says:

    That’s glass for a full size iPad. I’ve got fairly meaty hands and can hold my iPad 2 in the same way as this picture and the screen coverage and distance to edges is roughly the same. This is not an iPad mini being held by a midget.

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