Happy 40th Birthday to the Cell Phone! (Infographic)

Happy 40th Birthday to the Cell Phone! (Infographic)

On this day 40 years ago former Motorola vice president and division manager Martin Cooper changed the world while standing in front of the New York Hilton Hotel on Sixth Avenue. He used a Motorola DynaTAC phone to call the head of research at Bell Labs, and started a revolution in communications.



A lot has changed since Cooper worked at Motorola and the company was a world-beating giant in the telecom industry. Now, what’s left of the Motorola cell phone division largely has been swallowed up by Google, which now dominates the industry with its Android mobile operating system. What hasn’t been gobbled up by Google and its partners (primarily Samsung Electronics) is left to Apple, the other major player in the field.

As part of the 40th anniversary, Cisco put together an infographic (below) that highlights some of the milestones that got us from the first first call to today’s iPhone and beyond.