HTC Continues to Struggle – Reports Record Low Quarterly Profit

HTC Continues to Struggle – Reports Record Low Quarterly Profit

Here’s another indication that the smartphone industry is narrowing down to just two contenders, Apple and Samsung, as handset maker HTC Corp. has reported its lowest quarterly profit since the company began reporting in 2004.



HTC saw a net profit of T$85 million, or $2.85 million U.S., in the three month span from January to March,according toReuters. In comparison, HTC made T$10.9 billion in the same period a year ago.

The low-point comes after HTC was forced to delay the launch of its new flagship device HTC One due to a shortage of camera components. The device was available in only three markets at the end of the March quarter, despite plans by the company to have it available in a total of 80 countries.

HTC announced last week a partnership with Facebook to release the HTC First, a device promoted as the optimal Facebook phone, offering the Facebook “Home” experience. While Facebook Home will be available on other Android phones, the HTC First will be the only one with “Home” installed straight out of the box.

HTC accounted for only 6% of the total worldwide smartphone market last year, as its sales were off 25.2% from 2011.