iPad Gets Embedded In Front Of Car, Still Works

iPad Gets Embedded In Front Of Car, Still Works

This is a pretty unbelievable freak accident, so much so it is worthy of being an April’s Fool joke that was ten days late. A woman from Atlanta was shocked to discover that an iPad had somehow wedged itself into the front bumper on her car, like a knife through butter, ABC57 reports (via Cult of Mac). She only noticed once she got home, so she was driving around all day with it sticking out of the front of her car.

Amazingly, the device was still functional (although quite savagely damaged aesthetically), and it was returned to the owner after some gentle work with a hammer to get it free. It turns out the owner had left it on the roof of his car and drove off, which caused it (somehow) to get lodged in the bumper.

  1. jaysonwhelpley says:

    Yeah, I wouldn’t put that in the “wasn’t damaged” category.

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