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New Photos Purport to Show Inside of iPad 5 Rear Shell and iPhone 5S SIM Tray

New Photos Purport to Show Inside of iPad 5 Rear Shell and iPhone 5S SIM Tray

Tech blogger Tactus published a photo last week of what was claimed to be the polycarbonate rear shell of Apple’s much rumored low-cost iPhone. Today it has posted a new photo of what it says is the inside of the rear shell for the fifth-generation iPad.



The photo is of fairly low resolution, but is consistent with the first photos of the shell that leaked in late January. At a minimum, the photo indicates that these parts are continuing to surface from the supply chain some three months after their initial appearance, although there has yet to be any firm indication on when Apple is planning to launch the new full-size iPad that appears set to carry a slimmer design based on the iPad mini. The photo also shows for the first time the entirety of the rear shell’s interior.

In other “leaked parts” related news, Japanese parts seller Moumantai has posted [Google translation] two photos showing what is said to be the nano-SIM tray from the iPhone 5S. The trays are reportedly identical in shape to those used on the iPhone 5.


Photos such as this one are especially suspect, as there are many third-party versions already available.

iPhone and iPad rumors and photos continue to trickle out into the intertubes, and we’l continue reporting them. As always, none of us will know for sure which leaks are authentic and accurate, and which are simply mock-ups or fabrications. We’ll only find out for sure upon release of the next-generation iPhone and iPad models.


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