Review: X-Doria SmartStyle for iPad Mini

Review: X-Doria SmartStyle for iPad Mini

Since the iPad Mini hit the market, finding a case that fits well, doesn’t add a ton of bulk, and is also visually appealing has proved to be quite a difficult task. I have a full-size iPad, but I decided to invest in a Mini for the sheer fact that it is compact, lightweight and has the ability to virtually fit anywhere, even my purse. That said, I don’t want a crazy huge case, it would complete defeat the purpose of having a Mini. The X-Doria SmartStyle case is right on the money when it comes to slim-fitting, visually appealing cases.


X-Doria seems to hit the mark on every level, whether it be iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini, X-Doria seems to know exactly what consumers are looking for. The X-Doria SmartStyle case is perfectly engineered, with its snug fit, foldable cover, and unique appearance. Out of the box, the case is easy to slip over the edges of the iPad Mini, while stay in place. The flexible hard rubber case covers the entire back of the Mini, along with the sides and edges. Controls are easily accessed, the power and volume buttons are covered but are still operated with ease.


The unique piece of the X-Doria SmartStyle case isn’t just the rear portion of the case, but the foldable cover that extends to the back of the case. The cover’s extension to the back of the case allows the cover to fold into a stand, offering multiple heights and angles. The cover also has the ability to be completely placed behind the iPad, keeping the cover out of the way, which came in handy when reading magazines on the Mini. The stylish cover has magnets, which wake the Mini up when opening the cover, or trigger it to sleep mode when closing.

The overall style and function of the X-Dora SmartStyle case makes it a win in my book. The case comes in a variety of patterns and colors, offering a little something for everyone, the color schemes and patterns make the cover really pop. I was sent the Bloom color of the SmartStyle case, which is a red and aqua blue case. Other covers and styles offered include Herringbone, Honeycomb, Cubes, Love’s Amor, and XOXO.


The case is extremely slim, which is ideal for users who tend to place their Minis in purses or small bags. I was a little worried about the overall protection level of the case, the back of the case seems pretty sturdy, while the front cover doesn’t stay tight to the screen. I am happy (sort of) to report that I dropped my Mini out of my purse getting out of the car, and there was 0 damage to the screen or case, which is quite surprising, it took a pretty big spill.

Verdict [rating: 4.5]

If you are looking for a slim, stylish case that emulates the SmartCover, but offers more protection, this is the case for you. The X-Doria SmartStyle not only protects the iPad Mini, but looks fantastic and functions perfectly. The slim, snug fit of the SmartStyle allows users to fit the Mini in tight spaces, and the foldable cover allows users to operate the SmartStyle as not only a case, but a stand as well.

Check out the X-Doria SmartStyle case, only $39.99 on the X-Doria website!


  • Slim, snug fit
  • Cover doubles as a stand
  • Completely covers the iPad, front and back
  • Magnets in the cover put the screen to sleep, or wake it up


  • Magnets do not hold the cover tight to the front of the iPad