Samsung ‘Sense of Crisis’ Could Affect Disputes With Apple

Samsung ‘Sense of Crisis’ Could Affect Disputes With Apple

Samsung chairman Lee Kun-hee says he sees a need for a “sense of crisis” at the Korean electronics maker, and rumors suggest a shakeup in the company’s ongoing disputes with Apple could be on the way.



To date, Samsung and Apple have been in adamant opposition against one another in a series of patent infringement suits filed around the world. But that could change after Samsung’s Lee Kun-hee recently returned from a three-month trip to Japan and Hawaii, according to The Korea Times.

Lee has a habit of taking lengthy trips overseas before implementing major changes at Samsung. Changes have included new business directions, and managerial staff changes. The chairman has made 20 such trips since 1993.

Source indicate that Samsung’s ongoing patent fight with Apple is one of “several pending issues” that Lee will personally consider.

Anticipated changes may see Samsung seeking ways to “cut reliance on its mobile business.” Lee met with reporters at Gimpo International Airport upon returning from his three-month sabbatical, and said he believes Samsung should “always have a sense of crisis,” and strive to “run faster and always study to have insights.”

Any planned changes could be announced as early as Wednesday, when Lee once more plans to meet with reporters.