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UK Restaurant Chain Uses Passbook for Coupon Campaign With Great Results

UK Restaurant Chain Uses Passbook for Coupon Campaign With Great Results

A restaurant chain in the UK has taken advantage of the Passbook feature in iOS 6 to draw customers into its eateries.



Looking for a way to drive customer traffic and increase buying, Harvester and their technology partner developed a voucher campaign based on Passbook. Harvester created a coupon that could be used at any Harvester restaurant across the United Kingdom, with users able to redeem the coupon directly from their mobile devices.

The campaign gives customers £5 off their bill when spending £30 or more.

This is the first major campaign of its kind in the UK to attempt to take advantage of the Passbook app. With just a few clicks, a user could save a unique voucher to their device, which was stored automatically within Passbook. The customer would simply show the voucher when paying their bill, and the restaurant worker would enter the code into their point-of-sale terminals. The process allowed Harvester to track the efficiency of the voucher campaign.

“The campaign exceeded our expectations,” said a Harvester representative.

Almost 16,000 vouchers were issued during the two week campaign. Almost 700 of those were redeemed during the campaign. The campaign had a cost per action of £3.41.

“Clearly Apple Passbook users love a great deal as much as they love their technology,” said a Harvester rep. “[The] platform gave us real-time data and secure redemption we needed to control the offer with confidence.”

  1. PassKit says:

    Congratulations to Harvester – this is a very positive move for the UK, the FnB industry and of course the consumer.

    It also further shows the extremely high ROI for Passbook campaigns, and while this might have cost of £3.41 per action, this will be the cost per initial action. By using perpetual coupons, companies can easily simply send a push update (with a new offer) to their customers (holding Passes in Passbook).

    In addition to coupons, innovative companies worldwide are seeing significant customer attraction (and retention) by offering Passbook Passes (as stored value cards, loyalty cards and season tickets).

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