ABC To Offer Live Streaming of Content This Week

ABC To Offer Live Streaming of Content This Week

The New York Times reports that ABC will begin streaming live content to iOS devices later this week in Philadelphia and New York City using a new “live” button in their ABC Player app.  Users will be able to stream all programming from their local ABC affiliates, marking the first time a major network has turned on such technology.

ABC_Player App_screenshots


For the first six weeks the service will be free to anyone with an iOS device according to GigaOM. Before you go grabbing the scissors to cut that cable cord, be warned that the live stream will eventually be available only to paying subscribers of cable and satellite providers, even though the stations’ signals are available free over the public airwaves.

ABC, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Company, said the live stream would be available in six other cities where it owns stations sometime this summer. It is also discussing turning on the technology with the companies that own the over 200 affiliates that carry the network’s programming in other locales around the United States.

Not all network shows have been cleared for streaming, so there may be some programming differences between the live broadcast feeds and the stream.

The live stream will be available on other devices in the near future.

The ABC Player app is available FREE for the iPhone and iPad in the App Store. [DIRECT LINK]

  1. TomasHunter says:

    Thanks for the news, Chris. I stream a ton of TV and movies, especially when things get slow during my night shifts at DISH. New streaming apps come along and I like to check them out when they are released. This ABC app sounds really cool, but I am concerned that it requires a pay TV subscription, yet only streams one network. I get over 250 channels with my DISH service, and I would have to have over 250 apps if I went ABC’s direction. I’ll keep my DISH Anywhere app; it streams all of my live TV channels, and recordings from my DVR. I have full access to my service, everywhere I go!

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