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Indiegogo of the Week: SafeSleeve – The All-in-One Radiation Blocking Laptop Case

Indiegogo of the Week: SafeSleeve – The All-in-One Radiation Blocking Laptop Case

If you’re like me, you find yourself using your laptop for it’s intended use. computing in your lap. But, did you know the heat and the radiation from your laptop can adversely affect your health? Our Indiegogo of the Week is the SafeSleeve – a solution to allow you to use your laptop efficiently on your lap, yet protect you from any long-term effects on your health.

From the SafeSleeve Indiegogo page:

SafeSleeve (patent pending) is a multi-functional laptop accessory that provides protection for your computer when on the go and in use; a useful workstation for your desk; and most importantly, personal protection from Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Radiation

Just place SafeSleeve underneath your computer. The Military Grade, lead-free shielding material inside will block EMF radiation and heat emissions from the bottom of your laptop

The folks behind SafeSleeve cite recent research that suggests that any EMF exposure above 3 milliGauss may be linked to diseases such as:

  • Leukemia in Children
  • Certain types of Cancer
  • Infertility in Men and Women
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Toasted Skin Syndrome
  • And more…

Safesleeve_1Safesleeve_2Also available is a non-radiation blocking “LapCase”: “Want all the beauty and some of the functionality of SafeSleeve, but can’t quite afford the Radiation Blocking feature? Pre-order a LapCase for the Indiegogo exclusive price of $35/39 (shipping and tax included) for the 13″/15″ size in your choice of color.”


As always, different levels of pledges are available:


If you use your laptop with it sitting in your lap, you may want to take a look at SafeSleeve, this looks to be a stylish, useful laptop case that just might help protect you from long-term health effects from using your laptop. Be sure to drop by the Safeleeve Indiegogo site and take a look at this stylish solution. [DIRECT LINK]


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