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Adobe Rebrands Creative Suite as Creative Cloud, Goes Subscription Only

Adobe Rebrands Creative Suite as Creative Cloud, Goes Subscription Only

Adobe’s MAX conference in Los Angeles on Monday was the site of an announcement from the company that the next generation of its popular creativity suite would be rebranded as Creative Cloud, and would include a number of connectivity and functionality improvements.



In abandoning the Creative Suite label for Creative Cloud, Adobe signaled its intent to move fully into the mobile and Internet era, abandoning individual standalone editions of its products and moving toward a subscription-only model. That model will see users subscribing to the $50/month Creative Cloud system and receiving updates through that subscription.

Adobe says it will continue supporting its Creative Suite 6 product, but that it has no plans to release any new versions of the Creative Suite products.

Adobe also said that it is rolling out updates for its design tools, starting June 17 new features will be included for Dreamweaver, Edge Animate, Flash Professional, and Edge Reflow.

Members of Creative Cloud will get access to basically every product Adobe produces. These include: Photoshop, Illustrator, Typekit, and more. In addition to access to the software packages, membership will include access to services like Behance, an online creative collective.

Creative Cloud will also be able to share documents across mobile devices. Creative files can be stored and accessed not only across Macs and PCs, but also iOS and Android devices with near-instant updating of changes to the material.

Creative Cloud will roll out in June. Customers that own a Creative Suite product already will be able to get their first year of Creative Cloud at the discounted rate of $30 per month. Students and teachers will also be able to access the service for that same rate, and promotional prices will be available for CS6 users. Creative Cloud for Teams will be priced at $70 per month per seat. Each “seat” comes with 100GB of storage and centralized deployment and administration capabilities.