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Apple Airs Incredible New iPhone Ad: ‘Music Every Day’

Apple Airs Incredible New iPhone Ad: ‘Music Every Day’

Following last month’s impressive “Photos Every Day” iPhone add, Apple has now begun airing a second at in the same series – only this time, the focus is on music. The new ad is titled “Music Every Day,” and highlights one of the iPhone’s primary features – and arguably, one of it’s most successful marks compared to the competition: Music.


The ad is simple and elegant, and shows the iPhone in its key role as a portable music device. It shows everyday people listening to music on their iPhones in a variety of common situations. It also highlights an important fact about the iPhone – the device is more than just a smartphone, it is a constant companion to its users, providing them entertainment on demand in any and every situation.

Apple ends the ad with a single, simple statement:  “Everyday, more people enjoy their music on the iPhone than any other phone.”

I really love Apple’s latest ads, and this one is no exception. What are your thoughts – do you love the ad? Do you hate it? Let us know!



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