Google Developing Chrome App Launcher for Mac

Google Developing Chrome App Launcher for Mac

Google is working to bring a version of its Chrome OS app launcher to the Mac, allowing users access to a collection of web apps normally only accessible via the Chrome browser.



Chrome developer François Beaufort revealed on his Google+ page (via iMore) that the Internet search giant is working to bring the app launcher to Mac.

Because the Chrome OS platform runs Web apps instead of traditional programs, the app launcher is a vital part of the experience. Instead of having to enter Chrome to execute app functions, the launcher breaks out the Web-based titles into a separate window.

If you’re interested in giving the beta version of the Chrome app launcher for Mac, you can download the latest build of Chromium and run a switch command in the terminal.

Apps will show as a pop-up above the Chromium icon in the OS X dock, and selecting an icon will launch the app in a new browser window. Apps run in the browser, but the launcher will save you a couple of clicks opening a particular app.