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Microsoft Employs Siri to Criticize the iPad In New Windows 8 Ads

Microsoft Employs Siri to Criticize the iPad In New Windows 8 Ads

Microsoft has unleashed a new series of ads, touting the advantages of Windows 8 (and the ASUS VivoTab Smart Tablet) over the iPad (as first noted by WPCentral). The main points in the campaign center around the idea that the iPad can’t do things like run Microsoft Office, run two apps concurrently, or offer live-updating tiles. The most hard-hitting bit within the ads, however, is that they are narrated by the voice of Apple’s own Siri!


Of course, it’s not like Microsoft has all that much to brag about – Windows 8 sales have been anything BUT encouraging, and Microsoft’s own Surface tablet is selling worse than a direct-to-DVD Disney sequel… Even so, the ads are clever and very direct. They’re also somewhat dishonest, however, suggesting that the iPad isn’t capable of viewing and editing office documents, or performing tasks like showing a PowerPoint presentation.

In truth, as the Apple marketing slogan goes, “There’s an app for that.”‘ Actually, lots of them. And Apple’s own iWork apps for iOS are among the most effective and high-performing office apps available for ANY mobile platform.

Check the ads out for yourself and make your own call!


  1. MRonin ⚜ says:

    That’s some Samsung level desperation right there.

  2. andy0609 says:

    Hmmm, english is not my native language but I am sure there is a difference between “ads” and “adds”.

    1. Absolutely. Ads with a single D is correct.

      1. andy0609 says:

        uhmm can the article be changed from adds to ads? Also I am very happy with my iPad and everything they advertise it can do that the apple can’t doesn’t really apply to me but this article seems to me it was created to more criticize Windows than to report about the ad.

  3. William Carr says:

    The iPad doesn’t use a “special Apple Printer”.

  4. George F says:

    Whether its a car ad or one for high tech, I shut my ears (and eyes) when the item is being compared to the competition. If it’s not good enough to stand on it’s own, it’s just not good enough!!

  5. Ameer Gittens says:

    When was the last time you needed to print from a tablet? The device all but obviates printing. In any case, the theoretical convenience hardly justifies accepting the litany of shortfalls that invariably comes included with every Mi¢ro$oft product.

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