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  • Review: Scan & Protect for iOS – Easily Store and Protect Your Sensitive Information!

Review: Scan & Protect for iOS – Easily Store and Protect Your Sensitive Information!

Review: Scan & Protect for iOS – Easily Store and Protect Your Sensitive Information!

Fort Knox is the most secure vault in the US. They hold at any given time over $260 billion dollars in gold, and with any possession of that magnitude it needs to be secured and protected! The same is true of your iPhone, which also stores something of great value: your personal information.

Scan & Protect

Apple has done a very good job to make sure that documents and files that you send on any of they’re devices are pretty protected. But even with that said it never hurts to make sure that you are always protected. Scan and Protect for iOS does just that. It protects your files, photos and documents to keep you feeling safe and secure.


Scan and Protect (available here) is a powerful app, that allows you to scan and store documents do that you can protect your data with a 256-bit encryption key. What this means is that you are able to save important documents and keep them exactly where you want them which is safe and stored away for whenever you want to pull them out again. While it is very sophisticated in form, Scan and Protect is very simple to use.

To get started, just create a password, confirm that password an enter an email address and your all set. Yes, it’s just that simple! It has four simple menus to allow the user the easiest way to manage folders, scan documents, and adjust the settings. This is one smart app!┬áNot only are you able to keep your documents secure, but you can also put them into separate folders – all of which makes it easy to differentiate what folders and files are most important to you. To make a folder simply tap the plus sign and add whatever scanned document/file or photo you want to add into it. To get back into that file simply chose the folder and select the file you created.

Scan & Protect 2


Scan and Protect is a proficient and simple way to keep your files safe and secure. If you are in a need to store some top secret documents or keep certain files private this is definitely the app for you. Thinking of all the files you may have in your iOS device, the ability to protect them is important. This seamless integration of files, photos and documents all synced together in perfect harmony, makes this app well worth the cost. Scan and Protect prevents you from having to worry about the safety and security of your files. They are safe, fortified and secure – and piece of mind is hard to put a price on.


  • 256-bit encryption key
  • Variable scan quality (able to change the speed of the encryption)
  • Easy to set up and use


  • No note of size restraints
  • Folders could be made neater and not scattered about
  • Rating